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French galonner, 'to braid'


  1. A braided trimming with bullion thread, used on men's coats in the eighteenth century, on women's apparel in the nineteenth, or on something like drapery or cushions.
    1918 ''And when the "Atlantis" had finally entered the port and all its many-decked mass leaned against the quay, and the gang-plank began to rattle heavily, -- what a crowd of porters, with their assistants, in caps with golden galloons, what a crowd of various boys and husky ragamuffins with pads of colored postal cards attacked the Gentleman from San Francisco, offering their services! — Ivan Bunin, The Gentleman from San Francisco.''

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Galloon is a decorative woven trim sometimes in the form of a braid and commonly made of metallic gold or silver thread, lace, or embroidery. Galloon is used in the trim of military and police uniforms, and as trim on textiles, drapery and upholstered furniture.


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